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About Us


Julian Gonzalez Sr., opened Pepe’s in Edmond, and Laredo’s in Oklahoma City, using many of the

same recipes that had been handed down for generations.

“It was 1986 when Pepe Gonzalez opened Laredo’s, on Northwest 63rd Street until Chesapeake

bought us in 2005.”

Construction began on the new building at 5111 North Classen a short time later, but the project

was plagued with delays: a lawsuit was filed against the first contractor, and then a second

contractor abandoned the project a few months before the building was finished.

Laredo’s finally reopened in September, 2009.“ The building took so long to construct, and while

we were closed the El Chico Corporation had opened a restaurant in Penn Square Mall called

‘Cantina Laredo.’ They did not like us using the name ‘Laredo,’ even though it had been our

name for years.


“Our attorneys advised us it would be quicker and easier to change our name. We were given the

date of December 24 as the last day we could use the name ‘Laredo’s.’ So early on Christmas morning

, with over a foot of snow outside, our old sign came down and ‘Milagros’ went up.

In Spanish, that means ‘House of the Miracles.’ We had been through so many trials and tribulations, challenges and more challenges, but in the end we are still here – intact. We considered it a sign

from God that it was meant to be and for us to continue the decades-long family tradition of serving


  “Our goal is to satisfy our customers by offering great-tasting authentic Mexican food and do it with

great service. We are proud to serve you in a clean, attractive and comfortable environment, and we

want you to feel at home.

We cook and prepare our food fresh every day with love and pride for what we do,”  

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